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For Today's Cellular Toxicology Screening Products.

Aniara is the leading distributor to the North American and Nordic markets.

Core product areas include:

  • Mutagenicity (Ames MPF)
  • Genotoxicity (UmuC-SOS)
  • Endocrine Disruptor (YES/YAS)
  • Cytotoxicity (Single and Multiple Parameter)
  • Water Testing (Ames MPF Aqua)

The Xenometrix vision is excellence in quality and service for bioassays. Products are made for use in molecular pharmacology, early stages of drug discovery, screening of chemical, cosmetic, alimentary or agrochemical compounds, and for testing environmental water, soil, air, or effluents.

2018 Xenometrix Product/Price Catalog - Coming Soon!

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Code Name Price  
AN05-233-Y XenoScreen YES/YAS $1,394.00
AN04-233-Y XenoScreen XL YES/YAS $1,530.00
AN32-233-Y XenoScreen XL YES $462.00
APPC-AF10 2-Aminofluorene - Positive Control $163.00
APPC-AC02 N4-Aminocytidine - Positive Control $134.00
APSS-0119 Ames - Semisolid E.coli Strains - E.coli WP2 UvrA [pKM101] $159.00
AE10-213-S1-P Ames II 98/Mix - with S9 and Positive Controls $3,648.00
AE10-213 Ames II 98/Mix $3,020.00
AN32-234-Y XenoScreen XL YAS $455.00